12 Benefits of Getting Great Place To Work-Certified™

Claire Hastwell


For HR leaders, there are few milestones that hold so much pride as becoming Great Place to Work-Certified™. It signals to the world that they have created a company culture that employees love.

And when you become Certified, you earn more than just a shiny badge. Does your manager need some convincing? We’re here to help you get the case for culture over the line.


1. Recruit cream of the crop talent and increase your offer acceptance rate

“90% of our new hires said that Great Place to Work-Certification™ was the key deciding factor in selecting IDOC,” Nella Gonzalez, human resources manager at IDOC, told us.

Great company culture is now a prerequisite for job hunters.  And they are using Certification to help them validate employer claims and weigh up job offers.

Certification signals that your employees approve of your organizational culture and your company’s leadership. It tells candidates that people love showing up for work.


2. Use actionable survey results

Certification depends mostly on the results of your Trust Index© survey – the gold standard for measuring employee engagement.

After you collect your employee survey responses, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your company culture. You’ll get insight into areas such as perceived fairness, feelings of belonging and perception of leadership.

This data gets you inside the heads of your people to understand your company culture’s strengths and weaknesses.


3. Proudly display your badge of honor

“We promote our Certification everywhere we can. We point out that we are Certified in all our hiring campaigns. It’s on everything from our Teams background to our monthly associate surveys,” reports Heidi Burns, VP, marketing and originations development at Flagship Credit Acceptance.

Every Great Place to Work-Certified company earns a digital Certification badge. You can use it throughout the year to remind employees, partners and the public about your achievement.

Many companies include the badge on social profiles, print it on swag and proudly display it on their job postings.


4. Put your company in the running for Best Workplaces lists

Once your company is Great Place to Work-Certified, you will automatically be considered for our Best Workplaces lists.

You could make Australia’s Best Workplaces™Australia’s Best Workplaces™ for Women


5. Be featured on our website

Every Certified company earns a profile page on the Great Place to Work website. You can share company details and any other recognition earned on Best Workplaces lists.

Certified companies often link to their profile from their careers page to provide third-party validation of their exceptional company culture.


6. Build employee pride

“It’s the beating heart of our organization,” Salesforce told us. “This is what helps us not only attract great talent but also build pride and loyalty amongst our employees.”

All employees want to be part of something special. Getting Great Place to Work-Certified builds pride among your workforce.


7. Reinforce your company values and culture

“People are who you tell them they are. If you tell someone they are great and worthy, they’re going to aspire to be great and worthy. If you continue to tell your team members you are a great place to work, they will continue to make your company a great place to work,” explains Heidi.

Raising awareness of your Certification among current employees is akin to promoting your company values, mission and culture. Certification reinforces that you are a company that cares. A company that puts people first.

Because employee opinions dictate the results – it’s a reminder that, yes, your company is a great place to work.


8. Join a community of other great workplaces

When you join the Certified club, you put your name alongside the likes of the World’s Best Workplaces™. You also get to join the virtual nationwide office party on Certification Nation Day. Celebrate your people, connect with like-minded companies and Tweet your culture pride to the world!


9. Satisfy shareholders, customers and other business stakeholders

“All the studies show that organizations that are purpose-led with people aligned for that purpose are more successful and their people live more engaged and happier lives,” says GBCA’s CEO Davina Rooney.

Davina is right. Investors and other stakeholders are demanding that companies conduct fair and sustainable business – and they want to make sure that their vendors are doing the same.

Certification is an efficient way to signal your workplace ESG – it is a third-party validation that your business treats its people well.

As Davina says, “It is important people know that it does what it says on the tin.”


10. Celebrate as a team

Employee recognition is proven to increase employee retention, employee engagement and perceptions of fairness in the workplace.

When your company meets the Certification criteria, it’s time to pop the champagne. Rally your team around this win and celebrate.


11. Set goals and share your people practices

The results of your Trust Index™ survey will show you what programs you should continue to fund and where programs might not be meeting expectations. By understanding what’s working and what’s not working, you can put resources where they’re needed most.

No company is perfect. Great Place to Work-Certification allows you to benchmark the current state of your company culture so that you can set goals and put plans in place for improvement.

You will also complete a Culture Brief, which captures the people practices that make your company unique. It’s a great way to tell your story and position your company as a thought leader when it comes to innovative work practices.


12. Create goodwill and employee trust

Many companies find that asking employees to participate in a survey about their workplace experience creates goodwill. Employees appreciate being given the opportunity to voice their opinions.

And ongoing listening is a recurring theme among the 100 Best Companies to Work For®. When the executive team is clearly focused on creating a great workplace culture and continue to gather employee feedback, employees know that their happiness is a top priority.


Great starts here

As you can see, recognition is just the cherry on the sundae with Certification. Make your employees proud, recruit top talent and find gaps in your HR policies. Learn how to get Certified on our website today.


Claire Hastwell