Employee Recognition Ideas To Help Improve Culture In Your Workplace

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Take Staff Out For Lunch

A simple way to express just how appreciative bosses are of their staff is to treat them all to lunch somewhere during a workday. A simple lunch together also works very well as a team bonding session and no doubt some of the discussion around the table will be work-related.
Organising a lunch for your employees not only demonstrates that you recognise their efforts and want to reward them, but the casual atmosphere can also lead to useful company feedback being expressed during the meal.


Awards For Outstanding Work

Organise monthly and/or annual awards for various departments, job roles and achievements. In fact, hosting an annual awards night with dinner and drinks included is a spectacular way of showing recognition, as well as rewarding the entire team with a night out for a job well done throughout the year.
You could also have a simple employee of the month award during the year, where the winner gets a trophy and perhaps a dinner voucher for two or something similar.


Celebrate Birthdays

Everyone wants to feel special on their birthday and when a birthday is recognised at work, the employee can feel nothing else than being appreciated and thought about. Birthdays celebrated in the workplace don’t have to be a big fuss. Just a cake and having everyone sing happy birthday is often all that’s required. If an employer or workmates want to shower the person with gifts, that’s an added bonus.

To ensure no one is forgotten about, create a birthday calendar and check it regularly.


Surprise Treats

Surprise treats can come in many forms and to guarantee they have the positive impact you plan for them to have on team morale, always make sure they are indeed a surprise.

One example could be to surprise the team on a Friday afternoon with seafood and champagne. Or, swap this out for pizza and beer. Flowers, chocolates, gift cards or something that appeals to an employee’s particular interests all work well as surprise treats.
Another surprise that always goes down well is giving your employees an early mark at lunchtime on a Friday, allowing them to have a longer weekend.


Team Drinks

Team drinking sessions are always great fun and provide a way for everyone to fully unwind and let their hair down. Team drinks are also fantastic bonding sessions, where employees can get to know one another better in a social atmosphere.
Demonstrating recognition and showing your appreciation through bonding sessions such as team drinks can only boost staff morale moving forward and will lead to a more cohesive and productive workforce. When familiarity and friendship are developed through social gatherings, this goes on to improve teamwork in the work environment.



Employee recognition is a vital component in creating a productive and happy workforce. There are countless ways employers and managers can demonstrate staff appreciation. This article has offered a few ideas to get you going. Make employee recognition part of the culture in your company.


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