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Certification Nation Day


November 1-8, 2023

Join the celebration and be part of Certification Nation Day!

Great Place To Work Certification is a major competitive advantage in the market for talent. By celebrating this Certification, your company enhances its employer brand and becomes more attractive to potential candidates, making it easier to recruit and retain top talent.

We are happy to announce that our exciting customer activation event Certification Nation Week will be held on November 1 – 8, 2023.

This special occasion serves as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate all of our Great Place To Work-Certified customers around the world and is build on the momentum of previous years Certification Nation Day – we’ll have weeklong insights sharing, client profiles, and community best practice promotions.

This means throughout the week you can choose your day to share your pride and posts online being part of the #GPTWCertified community!

Your CND Action Kit includes:

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Earning Certification is not just an occasion for joy — it’s also a strategic move that enhances your company’s reputation, attract job candidates, and inspire current employees.

So, Certification Nation Week is your opportunity to celebrate online and build on the momentum and promotion of great workplaces locally and worldwide – so ensure you have your online posts and celebrations prepped so you can be trending during this iconic week too!

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